1000sqft studio space in the heart of soho, london.

As part of our overall offering, we provide a studio that is 1000 square feet in size and is located in the heart of Soho. This studio is perfect for filming and photography.

This one-of-a-kind offering that is situated in such a strategic location, features green rooms, conference rooms, a breakout area, and a kitchen. Furthermore, the studio is equipped with a mezzanine level, which not only provides additional filming space but also allows for comfortable observation of the studio.

The studio features a mixture of exposed brick, black painted brick, colorama backgrounds, 3 phase distribution, and a 20kw HVAC air conditioning system. It's also equipped with totally bifolding doors, a large amount of load-in space from the mews, and the ability to drive a car into the studio area.


Studio specifications

Main Studio: 1,000 sq. ft (approx. 93 sq. m)

Total Ceiling Height: 19' / 6m (7m at apex)

Drive-In Access: H4m x W2.9m

Power: Stage Smarts Power Distribution 8 x 16amp, 2 x 32A, 1 x 63A / 3 phase

Dedicated Internet 300/300 mbps

Floor: Black. Cannot be painted.