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17 May - 25 May 2023


Wednesday 17 May
Film Soho Innovation Hub | Studio Launch Party


Thursday 18 May
In conversation with Hadean: The Future of the Metaverse and Virtual Production
Metaverse and Virtual Productions will be a new way to create content, engage with audiences and create in real time creativity and dialogues across the filmmaking process. Hadean will be taking the stage to offer some insight and in-depth look at the new 48hr virtual activation and live shooting of the final Twiggy Documentary by Sadie Frost for Film Soho.


How Virtual Production Takes us Back to Carnaby Street 1968: TWIGGY Talks Swinging Sixties

Description A conversation between Twiggy director Sadie Frost and Anna Smith, one of the UK’s most heard film critics. Sadie will discuss her experience shooting on Virtual Production for the first time and her first-hand experience of bringing the vibrant spirit of the 60s in the iconic Carnaby Street back to life. Sadie will also discuss the process of wrapping her feature documentary Twiggy at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.


Hyperrealistic Speech-to-Speech Voice Cloning: Learn How you Can Use the Technology Used to Recreate the Iconic Voices of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader


Friday 19 May
Virtual Production: A Creative & Technical Breakdown in the Real World with ReadySet Studios


In Conversation with Jose Granell, MD of The Magic Camera Company. Thinking in Miniature: Combining Traditional Model Making with the Newest Virtual Technology

Film Soho in conversation with revered miniature FX producer José Granell. A big world in miniature: a discussion about how the use of practical FX miniatures have adapted with technology and how they could sit side by side with virtual production technologies as a tool for storytelling in the future.


How Markerless Motion Capture Can Change the Future of Film Production with Move Ai

Join and disguise as they run through a retrospective on character creation, animation and traditional motion capture methods and how they have been used in virtual production and ICVFX workflows to date. The teams will run through how their respective technologies have grown, adapted and been adopted into production workflows and deep dive into the disguise x Move Invisible Solution - and what it means now and for the industry as workflows continue to evolve and how content creation workflows can unlock the power of markerless motion capture within VP & ICVFX volumes and stages.

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Saturday 20 May
Virtual Production Accelerator (Access by Invitation-Only)

Disguise is bringing its recently-launched Virtual Production Accelerator programme to Cannes. This one-day masterclass will take you from fundamental technical knowledge to on-set production techniques. Your knowledge of in-camera visual effects will level up with digital incidental lighting tips, colour science basics and running and shooting with video plates, 2.5D and Unreal Engine scenes.

Designed for studio heads, department leads, producers and technical teams.
More information and the registration process will be announced next week.

Learn more:


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Cannes Next | Accelerated: a Virtual Production networking event


Sunday 21 May
Cinematography in Virtual Production: Masterclass: Lights, Camera, LED


Revolutionising Colour in Virtual Production with Brompton: LEDs, Processors & Lighting

Virtual production using LED walls can be challenging. If not set up correctly, you can end up with distracting visual artefacts on camera that get in the way of selling the illusion to the audience. Likewise, if you don’t fully control your colour, foreground elements do not match the virtual background and skin tones can look discoloured and unnatural. In this session we will show common problems to be aware of when shooting with LED and discuss how LED processing can help combat these. It will also include a preview of Brompton’s new TrueLight technology, significantly improving colour reproduction when using LED panels for lighting, for better skin tones and blending of foreground elements with virtual environments.


Innovating European Film: Unlocking the Potential of Virtual Production

In this virtual production workshop, European filmmakers will learn how to identify good use cases for VP in their projects and balance the creative vision with budgetary constraints. Martin will provide practical insights on how to choose the right VP tools and workflows to achieve the desired level of visual quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness. We will also discuss the sustainable benefits of VP and share case studies and best practices from successful European film projects, providing insights into how to implement VP in your own work. Join us for this unique opportunity to unlock the potential of virtual production and take your filmmaking to the next level!


Virtual Production: Next generation of VR moviemaking workflow using stYpe tools

stYpe founder will share insights on various challenges we faced in Virtual Production over the course of time, and talk about the benefits, and future of virtual production, with real-world examples of successful productions. In addition, we will introduce and clarify our new innovative approaches and product developments, demonstrating how these can effectively address past challenges


Monday 22 May
9:00am - 5:00pm
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Tuesday 23 May
9:00am - 5:00pm
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Wednesday 24 May
9:00am - 5:00pm
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Thursday 25 May
9:00am - 5:00pm
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